Principal Investigator

team_alejandroDr Rojas is an environmental social scientist and has successfully led large research teams. He has expertise on adaptive resolution of environmental conflicts and sustainability, and community engagement in food security and food system sustainability and institutional adaptations to climate change. As the PI he will provide intellectual leadership for the project, oversee the research team, co-ordinate contributions from co-investigators and work with them in the integration of knowledge and disseminating results.


skuraDr Skura, a food scientist expert in food safety and food quality, is the Director of Global Resource Systems and co-teaches LFS 250 with Dr. Rojas.

Dr. BomkeDr Bomke, a soil scientist and agroecologist (primary production and production and environmental impacts), is currently the Principal Investigator of a similar and complementary project on food security in BC and teaches LFS 350.

Gwen ChapmanDr. Chapman is a food sociologist and expert in nutrition, human health and food system evaluation, focusing on how people’s everyday food practices and concerns are shaped by socially constructed notions about food, health, bodies, and social roles.

Andrew RisemanDr. Riseman is a plant geneticist, plant breeder, and agroecologist and specializes in sustainable agriculture. He currently teaches LFS 450.

team_blackDr. Jennifer Black is from the Food, Nutrition and Health Program at UBC. Her work focuses on understanding how social factors, neighbourhood context and the food environment shape dietary choices and health outcomes.  She is currently a co-instructor of LFS 350.

Cyprien LomasDr. Lomas is the Director of the Faculty’s Learning Centre. He specializes in electronic methods of knowledge mobilization and innovative pedagogy and curriculum assessment


Dr. Jolie Mayer-Smith-0004 copyDr. Mayer-Smith, from the Faculty of Education at UBC, is an expert in innovative science pedagogy and curriculum assessment and design on food and sustainability.

Dr. MendesDr. Mendes is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Community and Regional Planning at UBC and Research Associate at the Centre for Studies in Food Security at Ryerson University. She specializes in urban sustainability, local governance and policymaking, food systems planning and urban agriculture.

Dr. Miewald, from the Centre for Sustainable Community Development at Simon Fraser University, is a medical anthropologist, specializing in food security, food system sustainability assessment and food policy.

September 19, 2013.Dr Mustafa Koc teaches as an associate professor at the Department of Sociology at Ryerson. He received his BA at Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey, MA at University of Waterloo and PhD at the University of Toronto. His research and teaching interests involve food studies, food security and food policy, globalization and sociology of migration.


team_elenaElena Orrego – Project Manager Elena is originally from Chile and has lived in Canada for most of her adult life.  She holds a Bachelor’s Specialist and Master’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Toronto in Canada.  Elena has studied and worked in herbal medicine for many years, and for 13 years she co-owned, directed, and administered a successful natural health center that prepared and distributed herbal medicine in Vancouver, Canada.  The centre also provided the service of practitioners in herbal medicines and other traditional health care practices.  Elena has participated in a major international collaborative research project on social adaptations to climate change, and for more than ten years she has facilitated workshops on inter-cultural communication and diversity. She has been the Project Coordinator for the last four years in a UBC-based CIDA Tier 1 International Collaborative Project Sustainably Managing Health Risks in Ecuador. Elena is also the Project Manager of Think&EatGreen@School.

team_valleyWill Valley – Project Coordinator Will taught elementary and high school science in BC before returning to the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC where he is currently pursuing graduate studies.  He is a member of Inner City Farms, an urban agriculture collective that grows food in residential spaces in Vancouver and distributes the produce through a Community Supported Agriculture model.  Will’s research interests include the analysis and application of community-engaged scholarship and food system education.

team_mansfieldBrent Mansfield – Project Community Liaison Before taking this role, Brent was an elementary school teacher in the Vancouver School Board for 3 years. Alongside his role as the Project Community Liaison he is the garden program coordinator at an elementary school in Vancouver. He still loves being able to work with children and families, to get their hands into the soil, and to get them learning about the importance of fresh and healthy food, both for our own health and the health of the planet. Brent is also currently the Co-Chair of the Vancouver Food Policy Council, as well as a graduate student with research interests in food policy, food system pedagogy, and institutional responses for food security amidst climate change.


Stephanie Shulhan is beginning her MSc in Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems, and will be working closely within the ‘food consumption’ tier of the Think&EatGreen@School project. Her background in Development Studies fed her interest in issues of global food sovereignty, and her experiences as an Anthropology major fostered a deep respect for the importance of cultural expression through food and diet. Prior to grad school, Stephanie worked with low-income and homeless individuals in Calgary, Alberta, and with at-risk immigrant and refugee youth. She is motivated to discover new links between certain deeply-held values, expectations, and attitudes and specific food consumption patterns with important ecological implications.

team_adsit-morrisChessa Adsit-Morris


Dr. Carol Christopher, Former Chair of the Vancouver Food Policy Council and current Board Member of SPEC, is an expert in food policy, community engagement and nutritional ecology.

Team_OvergaardDr. Valarie Overgaard, former Associate Superintendent of Student Learning with the Vancouver School Board (VSB), has expertise in the research and informational needs of the school system, and will lend her authority to elicit the cooperation of other VSB members. She is a current member of of the TEGS advisory committee.

Kevin Millsip runs a leadership program called Next Up, works as the sustainability coordinator for the Vancouver School Board with a focus on school food systems.

sarahSarah Carten worked as a Community Nutritionist with Vancouver Coastal Health. She has played a great part in planning, implementing, and evaluating initiatives to support students and school staff to make healthy eating choices in Vancouver schools. These initiatives range from starting food gardens, connecting cafeterias with local foods, providing teacher workshops, and developing policy.

Jennifer Cook is the Supervisor of Food Services at the Vancouver School Board.

Michael Barnes, the Executive Director of the Public Health Association of BC (PHABC), specializes in public health, farm-to-school programs, and policy addressing health inequities.

Joanne Bays, founding member of BC Healthy Communities, current member of the VFPC and PHABC, is a community food security and sustainable food system consultant working in private practice. She specializes in public health, community development, food policy, and local food procurement.

Barbara Crocker, Community Nutritionist with Vancouver Coastal Health, specializes in public health initiatives, community collaboration and community health research.

Liz Cochrane is a high school teacher, community organizer, founder of a healthy and environmentally responsible restaurant, and an accomplished chef.

Stephan Gagnon is a chef and owner of a local restaurant as well as a constructor and designer of numerous restaurants. He will work with schools to create new space designs, healthy menus and help source local food.

team_golobSteve Golob is a certified Red Seal Chef, and honours graduate of George Brown Culinary College in Toronto, Ontario. Steve is the Residence Chef at Place Vanier Dining Hall at the University of British Columbia.


Mark BomfordMark Bomford is the Manager of the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm. He specializes in agroecology, food system analysis, community-based sustainability education and carbon and ecological footprint analysis of food systems.




 Jamie Schaap completed her B.A. in Environmental Studies at the University of Alberta Augustana Campus in December 2009. While there she was exposed to a wide variety of food security and sustainability issues, both in rural Mexico and rural Alberta, as well as the value of experiential learning. Her interests are in the fields of experiential learning, peasant farming in Latin America, and the impacts of North American consumer choice. She began her M.Sc in Integrated Studies in the Land and Food Faculty in January 2011 and is looking forward to being a GRA with the Think&EatGreen@School project.

team_noneKevin Cooper is completing his B.Sc. in Global Resource Systems in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC, with a specialization in Community Food Transportation Planning.  In 2009, Kevin founded and oversaw the implementation and trial operations of the Marketcargo, a pedal powered food delivery service from the UBC Farm and local Farmers’ Markets.  Last summer, Kevin worked as the Garden Coordinator for the SOYL Internship, and is pleased to now be continuing his work with SOYL in a planning capacity for the upcoming year.  He is always looking forward to strengthening the ties between sustainable urban agriculture and sustainable urban transportation, and is thrilled to be a part of the Think&EatGreen@School Project.

Joanna Robinson, the vice-president of the Board of Directors of the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC) and a PhD candidate at UBC, has experience delivering garden-based educational workshops in schools and also specializes in social movements opposing water privatization.


Matthew Kempshaw is the Project Coordinator of the Environmental Youth Alliance’s Growing Kids and Community Nursery Projects. His interests include: urban community composting, place based and learner directed curriculum development, promoting and supporting people in under-served communities to grow and process their own food, youth engagement, and developing urban food forestry projects in public commons. He currently works with 6 schools and grows thousands of vegetable and herb seedlings for distribution in East Vancouver.